Congestion Help

It’s that time of year. Spring colds and congestion. Here are some things that have helped our family. (Not prescribing or anything, just telling what works for us. Use at your own discretion.)
Eucalyptus herb – drink hot tea made from it, make a poultice from it and put it over your nose and sinuses, breathe the steam of it (put a handful or more into a pan of boiling water, remove from heat before adding the herb. cover the pan and let set about 15 min. cover your head and the pan with a towel and breathe deeply of the infusion. – You can also do this with chamomile herb. Chamomile is very relaxing too.) Traditional Medicinals makes tea bags called Breathe Easy (eucalyptus, licorice root and fennel) that are good if you can’t or don’t want to get the eucalyptus herb in bulk. (Chamomile Tea Bags.)

Irrigate your sinuses. Make a saline solution by dissolving 1 tsp. sea salt in 1 cup distilled room temp. water. Fill a large rubber bulb syringe (a 4 oz. baby syringe) with the solution and squirt it up your nose – do it over the sink – and let it drain out. Do both nostrils several times. This never fails me.

Eucalyptus (or eucalyptus blend) therapeutic-grade essential oil. Rub over the sinuses, and also place in a nebulizing diffuser. We use Breathe blend from doTerra.

More about therapeutic grade Essential Oils on our God’s Scents™ page.

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