Ditching the Junk and Detoxing 1

Greetings from Me and My House,

I would venture that most of you are like me and the hardest thing about getting started – or re-started! – eating right is the detox process. Our appetites have gotten addicted to whatever our downfall is – sugar?, meat?, dairy? and those things are all very addictive – and it’s so hard to make it through those first few days without it. The only way I’ve seen it work is COLD-TURKEY. As long as you keep feeding an addiction “just a little bit”, it won’t go away. We tell ourselves “this is it, just a little” but then our body continues to crave it, and we continue to feed it, and the cycle goes on.

I find one of the best ways to aid in staving off the addictions is to make sure that I’m eating PLENTY of the good stuff, that I’m not allowing myself to become hungry. When I become hungry AND I’m craving the junk, it’s just too easy to give in, because somehow the junk is usually easily accessible. Which is why a cardinal rule at our house is the junk doesn’t come in the house. (OK, my dear sweet husband breaks it sometimes.) Anyhow, eating lots of the good stuff isn’t going to make you fat, and I believe in the “grazing” principle of eating – i.e. throughout the day rather than 3 strict “meals”, we do eat 3 meals but we also allow snacks of good for you foods available at anytime. Have them on hand and ready to eat! A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts can satisfy a sweet tooth or fill the protein pit. They may not give you the emotional satisfaction of the junk, but they can help you overcome the craving and when coupled with PRAYER!!!!!, they can do the trick. I also find that Fresh Juices and Barley Green [now Barley Life, also Barley Max] really help in overcoming the cravings. When you are pouring a lot of concentrated nutrients into your body, it doesn’t cry out as much. Another tip to getting through the detoxification process sooner, and with less stress, is to drink plenty of pure water with fresh lemon juice in it, or Lemon Essential Oil. It really helps your body make it through detox. The Lemon juice speeds up the getting the toxins out of the body, and a non-toxic body desires the good stuff.

The other way, is just the opposite, and usually works faster, but requires a special grace. That is to fast. It is the quickest way to detox and get over cravings. But it’s usually harder emotionally on us. For some people though it’s easier to not eat ANYTHING, than to only not eat what they are craving. Using the Lemon Water, and possibly the Fresh Juices/ Barley Green [ now Barley Life] for a 3-plus days fast will do wonders for our bodies. And give us a fresh start when coming back to foods, only the GOOD ones. When going into or coming out of a fast have your last meal before the fast and your first meal after the fast be a fresh veggie salad (no heavy dressing, preferably only lemon juice). Watermelon or *organic* grapes can also be used to break a fast. Have your next meal be a baked potato with a salad, or some plain brown rice with a salad. You want fresh and easy to digest foods to reawaken your digestive system. Whatever you do don’t eat a heavy meal, and don’t break your fast by eating the junk foods you just went off of. Your body will thank you.

Detoxing is not a pleasant experience, but it is a GREATLY rewarding one. One you will be VERY GLAD you did. Victory feels SO GOOD.

Well, plenty more on this topic, but enough for now. A 2 year old needs her momma.

At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa – who’s needing to detox – again – before this baby comes in the next week or so!!

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