More than Just Rabbit Food

45299717_mlPerhaps you’re new to eating a whole food plant based diet and you’re wondering, “What can I eat besides Salads with Nuts & Seeds, and Green Smoothies?” Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, and Seeds. That’s it, right?

Perhaps you aren’t so new (or maybe you are) and others are mocking what you eat as “rabbit food”.

You aren’t the only one. I too, after eating whole foods, plant based for over 30 years am still accused of eating only “rabbit food”. (Funny my recollection of Peter Rabbit is that HE was in MacGregor’s garden eating PEOPLE food.)

Salads and Green Smoothies are 2 staples, and fantastic for the minimalist, who wants supreme simplicity. But there is a WHOLE lot more to Good for You-Naturally!™ whole and living foods than just a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes, or a blender of banana, apple and kale. 

Even just with the salad and smoothie options, you would never run out of variety. The number of fruits and vegetables we can eat, juice and blend comes together in new combinations every day.

Beyond that we have nuts and seeds that provide another plethora of variety, even in their simplicity. It doesn’t have to be just nuts and seeds sprinkled on our salads, or blended into butters. Seeds can be sprouted for even more variety in our salads. Beans and grains are also seeds, that can be sprouted, or cooked and eaten in another huge variety of ways–including in Salads. Nuts and seeds can be blended into delicious dressings for those salads, and dips for those fruits and veggies.

Throw beans, grains, and veggies into a pot with water and you have Soup. Another great staple, with an unending variety. But we can still go a lot further.

The truth is, it is the SAD, Standard American Diet, that has little variety, just the same highly processed flours, sugars, and oils mixed together with different artificial flavorings for different pseudo-foods. The same few animal products, over and over again.

But some of those products are our old comfort foods. We don’t want to go back to eating health destroying foods, but there are some things we miss. What can we do? Is there a solution?

YES! Smoothies, Soups, and Salads are not our limit. They are just our beginning! Familiar foods can be enjoyed in whole new ways. Whether is be savory meal dishes, or desserts for our sweet tooth, we have options. 

I try to bring you a variety of some of our favorite simple recipes here, to give you a glimpse of that variety. From Savory Mushroom Gravy to Avocado Pudding, and a whole lot in between. Subscribe to this blog to get my newly posted recipes (and all posts here, including those with other fantastic ideas for expanding your Good for You-Naturally!™ diet,) to your email.

But also click on over to Dr. Joel Furhman’s website to read his general tips for adapting YOUR favorite recipes to the Nutritarian, Good for You-Naturally!™, WFPB way:

In addition to focusing on G-BOMBS, following the high-nutrient nutritarian diet also means avoiding or minimizing the disease-causing foods in your diet: sugars, oils, white flour, animal products. If the Nutritarian eating style is new to you, you may feel a little lost in the kitchen without these familiar ingredients. How do you make salad dressing without oil? Creamy sauces without dairy? Tasty burgers without meat? Brownies without sugar, eggs or butter? Of course, as you begin to eat for optimal health, you will want to experiment and try new foods. However, it can be comforting to enjoy familiar flavors in a new and healthful way; you just have to learn how to replace disease-causing ingredients with healthful, whole food options. …  Read More

What’s your favorite recipe that you’ve adapted to whole food plant based?



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