Bosch Universal Plus

Our Top Recommendation for a Kitchen Center/ Bread Mixer/ All-in-One is the Bosch Universal Plus.

Bosch Universal PlusThis is our #1 timesaver in the kitchen, and one we highly recommend. This machine isn’t a necessity in order to serve healthy meals. But it sure will enable you to do things you might otherwise not do, like baking nutritious daily bread, and making other things from scratch rather than buying inferior store bought products. This is the top kitchen center available – we’ve tried several. This machine will pay for itself faster than you think.

One machine does it all (al-most)-blends, mixes, kneads 5-6 loaves of dough, slices, shreds, shapes pasta, grinds meat, and more. (Some attachments are sold separately.) Or you can do all these things by hand and build your muscles. Or buy many separate lower-power machines to clutter your counters. The mixer will do everything from whipping an egg white, to mixing a HUGE batch of cookies, to kneading 6 loaves of bread dough. The Bosch Universal has been THE kitchen center to have for many years. I know several who have had their Universal for 20-30 years and never had a problem with them. This is a much more powerful machine than a KitchenAid, and can do so much more.

Bosch Mixer Features:

  • Attractive, stable design
  • 800 Watt motor
  • 4 speed settings + momentary switch
  • Many stainless components
  • Pulse switch
  • French whips with triple action
  • Patented kneading design develops gluten better for lighter, fluffier, more attractive baked goods
  • 6.5 qt bowl holds up to 15 lbs
  • Cord storage
  • Suction feet for a secure standing
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Overload and start motor protection
  • Bowl locking system
  • Safety locking blender system
  • Handles on bowl for convenience in use
  • Removable shaft for easy clean up

In addition to the mixer, with several different whisks, whips, paddles and hooks, you can also get a blender, slicer/shredder, food processor, citrus juicer, flake mill, cereal mill, meat grinder, pasta shaper, and more that work on your Bosch base.

Regular: $399.99

Sale Price: $389.99


Click for Current Specials. Includes Combos with Attachments at great discounts.

Attachments Available – (email me to get price with shipping.)

NEW! Dough Hook Extender – $9.99 Included
New Large Slicer/Shredder – $60 + $10 shipping
Blender – $70 + $10 shipping
Cookie Paddles – $23 + shipping
Slicer/ Shredder – $120 + shipping
Food Processor – $105 + shipping
Meat Grinder – $146 + shipping
Other Accessories available also.

All prices subject to change without prior notice. (I will keep them updated as best as I’m given changes.)

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