Well-loved Ruthie

20140429-141926.jpg Meet Ruthie. She’s an 85 year old shirt-tail relative, who joined my family a couple weeks ago. She’s my dad’s wife’s daughter’s husband’s grandmother’s. She shows her age in more than just her style, but also in her wear–which also shows she was well loved and used. She needed a little help in a few areas, but still gets along pretty good for an old gal.


Ruthie needed a good bath–a thorough, long scrub. She will never look like a spring chick, but not bad for an old gal. Her wear tells her life’s story, which continues as, after her scrubbing, oiling, and a new belt, tire, bobbin and needle, she is back to faithfully doing what she has always done. (I still have a stripped screw to try to replace and work to do on her cabinet.)


Ruthie, originally owned by Ruth Weiden, is a 1929 Singer 66 treadle with Filagree decals, in a Model 4, 7 drawer treadle cabinet. I’m happy to welcome her into my family. Thank you David and Nancy for allowing Ruthie to move in with me. She’s the first treadle to make it into my home. I wasn’t sure where she’d go, but when she was brought in, she was put at the end of my cutting table. She fits, so I think she’ll stay there. Maybe. (I still have another treadle to bring home in a couple weeks.)


I’m not the only one who enjoys her soothing rhythm. My 2 youngest boys have taken a delight in treadling away with her.



You know, I’ve told you before, how doing something creative is relaxing and brain building. Well, you can increase those benefits by treadling. The rhythm of treadling is truly soothing, and it is said that people can treadle longer and with more enjoyment for longer time periods than when using an electric sewing machine. As an added bonus, treadling is good exercise. Need to get those added steps in for the day? Treadle them away.

Have you ever used a treadle sewing machine?


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One Response to Well-loved Ruthie

  1. Jenn says:

    I have the exact same sewing machine! It was my great-great grandmother’s. I’ve just given it a good cleaning, but the tire and treadle rope need replaced. I’m wondering where you purchased yours? I’m excited to get it running so I can try it out 🙂 Thanks!