The Cycle

Attitudes play a major factor in your health. One thing attitudes (affecting the whole realm of our soul) do is affect our choices in eating. When we make bad choices we feel bad (physically – and many times emotionally also.)  This creates an ongoing Cycle, that takes us increasingly down.

Bad eating and bad health is a downward spiral. We eat bad – then feel bad – then eat more bad – then feel worse … and on and on. Most “bad” foods bring an addiction to them. Refined sugar is especially addictive, as well as caffeine, and many more, even meats can be. People have to take a step to break out of the cycle. They have to force themselves to eat what is Good for You-Naturally!™ because it isn’t what they want to eat. (And they may feel worse for a bit while their body is “detoxing” and going through “withdrawal”.) They naturally are going to follow their addictions, as well as turn to their “comfort” foods. But doing what comes “naturally” is not always “Natural” or Good for You.

Although a few people can try to claim ignorance to what they should be doing (“I just eat what I like/what my family has always ate/what is convenient and have never given any thought as to whether it’s good for me or not”), I don’t think there is a person, (in America at least) who really thinks coffee or Coke or donuts, etc. are “good” for them. For some people it’s just a physical “addiction” (“I know what I’m eating isn’t good, but I catch myself eating it anyhow,” or “I try to stop, but ‘can’t'”).

For some it is a depression thing – a defeatist attitude. The “I feel bad (not just physically, but also emotionally) for eating wrong, I can never change, so I’ll just keep on doing it.” They just give up trying to do right.

For some people it can be a controlling emotional thing, even a reaction to guilt thing, in “I don’t deserve good health/to feel good because I’ve done wrong, so I’ll just eat wrong to punish myself (or for some, in their mind to “punish” others. Instead of repenting, since this is usually a “prideful” person who won’t humble themselves to repent.) It’s kind of a self-destructive thing that they’ll eat what their flesh really wants, but knowing it will harm them (perhaps thinking, in someway, it will “hurt” someone else instead – a vengeful thing). It’s a control thing – anorexia and bulimia can fit in here, as well as gluttony. “No one can control me in eating. I’ll eat what I want.” Or, “I’ll show you.”

Many various factors can come into The Cycle, to various degrees – these are some of the most extreme, there are, no doubt, MANY more. It’s a combination of physical and emotional things that interconnect. We have to learn (renew our minds – and our bodies) to eat to live, not live to eat.

In renewing our minds, we need to look at why we are eating what we are eating – and should we be? As always, the first step is recognizing the problem.

For Life and Health –
For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
1 Thessalonians 5:23
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