Newest Old Thing

I’ve always wanted a treadle sewing machine. I know. Weird. Not that I want to give up my modern (but not computerized) Riccar or serger. But just have that love of old things. I think a lot of it has to do with things that last – unlike most things today. I like quality.

Well, that dream for a treadle hasn’t come true yet, but close. Yesterday I was given a great-grandmother’s sewing machine. It’s 100 years old (or very close), a White Rotary, and electric. But, it was originally a treadle. The original owner had it converted along the way. The motor is a 1920 Hamilton Beach Sewing Motor.


I cleaned it up a little (it didn’t need a lot, just a bit dusty.) And I figured out how to thread it. Moment of truth. It worked! Produced a beautiful even stitch. I didn’t even have to adjust the tension. (I’ll do a more thorough cleaning and oiling.) I found out I can call Viking (who bought White out about 30 years ago) and give them the serial number and they can give me the exact age. (Last patent date on it is 1913.)

I am so excited to have this. Still hope to have a treadle some day though.




More Old Things New

Many old things bring a smile to my face. I love the time I live in, with all the technology and convenience. (I’m sure not complaining.) But I also love old things. My design studio is slowly becoming new with more old things.

I picked this up at a thrift store for $2. It was trashed, but I saw potential. May not be the quality of an old oak piece, but it will make a great craft/ design work table, with a little TLC.

gateleg_tableA little paint later and it’s about there. (Still need to sand and add another coat.) In the background you can see another new/old find. The white rolling cart, from an antique store, also needs some TLC – sanding and fresh paint. I’m considering doing it in pink. You can also see my newest old thing behind the table. No not the pink chair – it’s new – and getting a slip cover. Behind that. Come back tomorrow to read about it.