Manly Cards

This past month has brought more adult male birthdays (and no children’s). With that, and a super busy schedule, it also brought simplicity to card making. Figuring much time and froufrou wouldn’t impress them, I sought for nice, but simple–and chose to use printables.

Somehow the picture of the first card must have gotten deleted, so I just have to tell you what I used, and you’ll have to click the link to see the paper. I used part of a free printable Steampunk Paper, with airships and gears, from AJ’s DigiShoppe. It was much the same construction as the card described and pictured below, and I used some brads in the center of some of the gears.


Simple Camera Card - from Me & My House

The second card was for a photography buff, so I chose this design–based off a printout from Gina’s Designs, Vintage Printable Set (click to see and download). Simple print out, with simple stamp. Inside, another printout, fussy-cut, with a couple more stamps. Yep that was it.


Inside Camera Card - from Me & My House

There are some great free downloadable printables out there. (Be sure to read the usage permissions.) Check out my Pinterest Board for many more sites and links.


Wedding Card

September has been a good month to catch up on posting my cards, as it is the rare month with only 1 birthday in it (whose card I have not posted yet.) I’m ending the month with the wedding card I did for our daughter and her husband. (Sorry for pic quality, its the only pic I have of it.)

weddingcardI loved the idea of the bride and clothes made from hearts when I saw it, so knew I had to use it on their card. I embossed dots for the grooms buttons, and double embossed (pressed and heat) the swirls on the brides dress. I’m not sure if you can tell in the pic, she has a “diamond” necklace. The paper roses were from a die cut, then twirled.

Have you tried double embossing?

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Plain Jane Embossed Card

Lest you’re beginning to think that all my cards are super creative, fun and interactive, let me assure you that many of them are just plain jane. Not super creative, but fun to make just the same.

This one was made for one of our grown children’s anniversary. Sometimes mom just doesn’t have a lot of time for fancy and creative. Just plain embossing with my Cuttlebug and a couple Cricut cut-outs.


Do you have a Cuttlebug or other embossing machine?


Slider Card

Some of those cards I’d been making were a bit too complicated for little ones. I wanted a simple interactive card for our grandgirl turning 5. I decided a slider card was perfect. Easy for her to operate, and easy for me to make. With this paper, no real extra embellishing necessary when you’re in a hurry.

slidercard1Simply pull the tab (or ribbon) and out slides the rest of the card, with greeting.

slidercard2Do you use a lot of embellishments on cards?



Never Ending Card

I began my card-making-athon with a never-ending card for a granddaughter. I showed our 2 youngest sons how to make these and they had so much fun with them. After I’d made this one I found a tutorial for making them easier here.

This card opens, and opens again, and again, and again, until its back to the beginning and you keep on going.

This was the front.



The 2 center flaps lift up/down to reveal this.



These two center flaps open out to reveal this.

IMG_2530Then these 2 open up/down to reveal this. Which then opens out to reveal the beginning again.



Have you ever made a never-ending card?


Waterfall Cards

I love interactive greeting cards. They are so fun. I’ve had a lot of chances to make many of them lately.

With the wedding coming soon, I’d made all the cards I was going to need for the rest of the summer, each one a different interaction. That was 3 birthday cards and an anniversary one.

Here’s the waterfall birthday card I made for our oldest granddaughter.



When you pull on the bottom tab, the others cascade – revealing the underside of each in turn.


After all my cards for the month were done, 3 of our grandchildren had to have quite a bit of dental work done. So I made them all waterfall get well cards too. I figured they’d be something fun to play with. (I had to do a sympathy card in there too – but not a waterfall, so not pictured here.)



Sorry these aren’t real clear.


Do you make interactive cards?
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