Freedom & Simplicity in the Kitchen

For many people, that know what is good, real food and what is not, the trouble comes when it comes time to prepare it. What do I eat? When? How do I prepare it? How do I keep from spending all day in the kitchen?

Yes, once we know what we should be doing, we need to learn how to do it. And there is nothing like someone walking alongside of us, and personally showing us and answering our questions. That is true Discipleship!

So for those of you that are ready to jump in with both feet and begin preparing and eating foods that are Good for You-Naturally!™ we offer Freedom & Simplicity™ in the Kitchen Workshops. In these Workshops you’ll learn how to make food that is good for your health, quick and easy to prepare, and yummy too.

Our first Workshop in this series is this Saturday, Nov. 19th, in North Platte, NE and the Registration deadline is today (Wed. Nov. 16th) This workshop, Living Foods for Life, is on learning to make the everyday basics and a few extras.

Get more details and Register here today





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