Albums, Journals, and Passions

Sometime this past summer a FB friend introduced me to Scripture Art Journals. I looked around the web at several and fell in love. Just one problem. Although I’m a visionary/designer, I am not an artist. Can’t draw. Can’t paint. Can’t make art journals.

But, in all my browsing, I figured I could make albums and other journals. I can cut and paste–and possibly even stamp. Well, only cut if I have a straight edge or paper trimmer. But I could do that. And besides, it’d put my Cricut and Cuttlebug to more use than just greeting cards and birthday parties.

My daughter was commenting this week about her husband’s trait of jumping whole hog into whatever he is into at the moment. She was kind enough to not say, “Just like you, Mom.” I think that is part of the visionary thing, being passionate about your interests. When I study a topic, I throw myself into it. When I make something, I throw myself into it. When I study how to make something, I throw myself into doing it. It may only be for a season, after which I throw myself into another interest. But it always becomes something I have learned enough about and lived with enough, to be comfortable with and return to in another season.

Anyhow, since my serger was out of commission all summer (and just yesterday, after 2.5 months of being in the shop, after 2 months of sitting here waiting to have the $ to fix it, the shop finally got the part that will hopefully completely fix it…) and I needed a take-along project (for all those ballgames, tournaments, camping trips, etc.) and I was on just too much brain overload for that take-along to be a book to read, writing project, or lesson plans, I decided paper crafting was a good relaxing, summer venture.

I completed 3 different types of albums (and started others) in the last 3 months or so–and have a very special journal design in mind, just for me. Over the month of October I’ll be sharing those with you (with perhaps some new cards scattered in also).

I hope you enjoy them, and that they inspire you to step out and do something creative. If you’re an artist–or can at least “do” art, consider a Scripture Art Journal (google it, I didn’t save any links since I can’t do it.) But if not, perhaps my cut and paste style of book making is more up your alley. We’ll start this week with one everyone has supplies for, a mini photo album made from empty toilet tissue rolls. See you soon with pics and instructions.

P.S. With holiday gift giving (and a new grand-babe) coming up, I’ll probably switch to sewing projects next. And for those of you that just want to be (or only have time to be) in the Kitchen, don’t miss our 5 Favorite Fall Recipes!



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