GMO Videos Part 2

Our list of GMO (and other food) videos we’ve watched to date this fall. We have watched many. Some were more interesting than others, some included the same interviews as others, some were done better than others, some were idealized, most don’t have a Biblical perspective (only 1 we’ve watched does) so their conclusions lead to agendas (politically or environmentally) that we are not for. We certainly don’t agree with everything presented in all of these. But all expose evidence and the dangers of genetically engineered organisms, which we believe we have both health reasons and Biblical reasons to avoid and educate on. Therefore, they are worthy of watching. Apply a Biblical principled perspective and you will learn much and be able to make appropriate responses, beginning in your own kitchen, by avoiding eating genetically modified foods. (Some of these videos are not specifically on GMOs, but are on other dangers in food production/processing and/or the food and health relationship.)


We’ve been able to watch all of these for free online – most through Netflix streaming, YouTube or Vimeo. But before the movies, the first is a talk show interview on GMOs. The second is an audio of a presentation given by sustainable farmer, Joel Salatin.

Dr. Oz Investigates Genetically Modified Foods – in this 3 part video Dr. Oz interviews those both for and against GE foods.

Food: The Cornerstone of Christian Credibility – audio given by Christian farmer, Joel Salatin, at Patrick Henry College  (you’ll see him featured in Food, Inc below)

Food Inc – (Netflix) a great first video to watch, although not strictly about GMOs, about the industrialization and politics of food.

King Corn (Netflix) – The children enjoyed this one. The story of 2 city guys who decide they want to experience being corn farmers and learn how corn grown in Iowa ended up in their hair (hair analysis.)

Deconstructing Supper – (Netflix) a restaurant owner learns about GMOs.

Fed Up – (Netflix) explores the various food production systems of the US, uses old movies clips to add to the entertainment factor.

The Future of Food  – free online, also at YouTube and Netflix – documentary on biotech and politics

Life Running Out of Control – (Netflix) explores the effects of biotechnology on our lives

The World According to Monsanto – documentary on who Monsanto is and what they are doing.  (More videos listed below this video.)


Food Matters – (Netflix) the relationship between food and health

Forks Over Knives – (Netflix) effects of modern food processing on our health, focusing on the research of Dr. Colin Campbell (cancer) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (heart disease).

Ingredients – (Netflix) bringing food production back to the sustainable, local farm, and good food back to the table.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – (Netflix) another that isn’t GMO, but this one was all our children’s favorite. The story (there’s the appeal) of a man who learns of the relationship between food and health and goes on a fresh juice diet and travels the country, while he’s losing weight and gaining health, and the people he meets along the way.


GMO Videos Part 1

Continuing our links to movies about genetically modified foods. Everything you Have to Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods is by Jeffrey Smith, one of the leading voices on GMO research. (See our other blog posts about him and GMOs.)  You are able to watch this video in its entirety through Vimeo, embedded below. I’ve also included below the first segment of another of Jeffrey Smith’s videos from youtube, Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals. You can also purchase these and other videos, as well as Jeffrey’s book Seeds of Deception, on Jeffrey’s site.


Everything You Have to Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods
This video doesn’t just tell you the dangers, but also what we can do about it, without relying on more government regulation.

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.



Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals

Food Matters

Today I’m sharing part of a post that I’ll put up later this week. This one needs to be acted on this week, so I wanted to give you as much time as possible to fit it in. Food Matters has put their full length video up on their website to view for FREE this week, for GMO Awareness. You can also watch it on Netflix streaming anytime.


Watch the trailer below – click on the picture or link above to watch the full movie.

Food Matters Official Trailer from foodmatters on Vimeo.
Watch for more movie recommendations later this week.

GMO Awareness

What do you know about GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)? If not much, and if you aren’t taking steps to avoid them, use this week to educate yourself. October 2nd-8th is “GMO Awareness Week”.

Something I heard in a movie I watched this week really got to me. It was in (I believe) Congressional debates on GMO labeling, and I believe it was someone from the FDA (yes, I need to go back and get my details done pat) that said they don’t have to disclose genetic engineering on the labels because it isn’t an ingredient; it’s a process. And processes don’t have to be disclosed. If you don’t like it, buy organic and pay a ton more. – How arrogant – and controlling. They know if GMO’s were labeled many would reject them.

GMO’s are dangerous “foods” created by man – or rather a perversion by man of God-given foods. Once again man thinks he is god and can do better than God. And cares not how many lives are destroyed in the process. (I fault the huge chemical companies here for this. Many independent farmers probably are not in this category, they just believe they need to use the GMO’s to provide enough affordable food. And many aren’t convinced this is dangerous and a high health price to pay. I pray they wouldn’t trust these god-players and truly look at what is being done.)

These new perversions of food are all around us. Without labeling you have no idea that you are consuming them. And if you aren’t buying organic, you almost surely are. 90% of all major crops grown in the US are GMO. 80% of the foods in the grocery store contain corn, soy, canola, and sugar beet that have been genetically engineered. Only by buying organic can you know your food has not been genetically engineered.

This fresh produce labeling guide looks helpful. The problem is they don’t HAVE to use it. If you see the  5-digit code beginning with the 8, you know it’s GMO. I’ve never seen it. If you see the code beginning with 9, you know it’s organic. That one they are happy to label.

* A conventionally grown product carries a 4-digit PLU code (Ex: conventionally grown banana: 4011)

* An organic product carries a 5-digit code, starting with the number 9: (Ex: organic banana: 94011)
* A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) product has a 5-digit code, starting with the number 8: (Ex: GE banana: 84011)

Begin your GMO Awareness by reading our past posts on GMO’s:

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Later this week I’ll give links to some great videos you can watch about GMO’s. Also check out Dr. Mercola’s website, where he’ll be highlighting GMO’s this week, and has several past articles.



GMOs Affecting You?

“You might think that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) don’t affect you. But in fact, up to 90 percent of all major U.S. grown crops are grown with genetically engineered seed, and can be used in human and animal foods without any safety testing or labeling.

This includes GM corn, soybeans, canola, and sugar beets, which have made their way into approximately 80 percent of current U.S. grocery store items.

If you’re not buying organically produced foods (or growing your own food), then you’re probably eating genetically modified ingredients in most of the processed foods you’re consuming.”

“GMOs may be the greatest health disaster in the American diet. (By the way, remember that while fructose is toxic to your body in and of itself, the vast majority of fructose you consume is in the form of high fructose corn syrup, much of which comes from GM corn!)

Within the first nine years of the introduction of GM crops in 1996, multiple chronic illnesses jumped from 7 percent to 13 percent of the population, food allergies doubled in less time, and many other ailments have been on the rise ever since. Millions may already be suffering health problems caused by genetically modified foods and they just don’t know it.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has urged doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients, citing animal studies that show how GMOs cause disorders such as vital organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system problems, accelerated aging, infertility, and dysfunctional regulation of insulin and cholesterol. Unfortunately, few doctors are paying attention and following this advice…

Again, you simply must take control of your own health, and take it upon yourself to ensure you’re not unwittingly destroying your and your family’s health with every bite.”

source – read the rest of the article


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No More Organics?

The takeover of crop seeds by the big 5 are making it harder and harder for those that want to raise organic foods to do so. More on GMO’s —

At this point, a mere FIVE companies – biotechnology companies at that — own the vast majority of all worldwide seeds. The enormous ramifications of this should be fairly obvious.

Genetically modified (GM) seeds, particularly corn and soy, have already taken over in many areas of the world, effectively eliminating the use of conventional and “heirloom” seeds, and along with them, the ancient, sustainable farming practices that produces healthful food.

For example, in the US, as of 2009 genetically modified (GM) soybeans accounted for 91 percent of the soybean market. Eighty-five percent of all corn grown was GM, as well as 88 percent of all cotton.

Many pro-GM crop fanatics argue that genetically engineered (GM) crops are superior in a number of ways, but evidence to the contrary is all around us…

read the rest of the article at

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GMO’s – What can you do?

This video concludes the interview of Jeffrey Smith by Kevin Gianni of the Renegade Health Show, discussing Genetically Modified foods. The other sections of this interview were posted over the last couple weeks.

Jeffrey Smith is the author of a couple of excellent books on GMO’s. Visit his website for more info on GMO’s. Visit Kevin’s website for daily videos on health. Get the Shop No GMO app for your Apple iPod or iPhone.

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GMO Salmon & the FDA

Continuing the interview of Jeffrey Smith by Kevin Gianni, this section discusses the GMO Salmon and the FDA. See other sections of the interview in the posts over the last week and tomorrow.

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GMO’s & Cross Pollination

Continuing the series of videos of the interview with Jeffery Smith by Kevin Gianni, on Genetically Modified foods. Today’s section covers the issue of cross-pollination into non-GMO crops. See the first 3 parts of this series in yesterday’s and last week’s posts – and the rest yet to come this week.

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