GMO Awareness

What do you know about GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)? If not much, and if you aren’t taking steps to avoid them, use this week to educate yourself. October 2nd-8th is “GMO Awareness Week”.

Something I heard in a movie I watched this week really got to me. It was in (I believe) Congressional debates on GMO labeling, and I believe it was someone from the FDA (yes, I need to go back and get my details done pat) that said they don’t have to disclose genetic engineering on the labels because it isn’t an ingredient; it’s a process. And processes don’t have to be disclosed. If you don’t like it, buy organic and pay a ton more. – How arrogant – and controlling. They know if GMO’s were labeled many would reject them.

GMO’s are dangerous “foods” created by man – or rather a perversion by man of God-given foods. Once again man thinks he is god and can do better than God. And cares not how many lives are destroyed in the process. (I fault the huge chemical companies here for this. Many independent farmers probably are not in this category, they just believe they need to use the GMO’s to provide enough affordable food. And many aren’t convinced this is dangerous and a high health price to pay. I pray they wouldn’t trust these god-players and truly look at what is being done.)

These new perversions of food are all around us. Without labeling you have no idea that you are consuming them. And if you aren’t buying organic, you almost surely are. 90% of all major crops grown in the US are GMO. 80% of the foods in the grocery store contain corn, soy, canola, and sugar beet that have been genetically engineered. Only by buying organic can you know your food has not been genetically engineered.

This fresh produce labeling guide looks helpful. The problem is they don’t HAVE to use it. If you see the  5-digit code beginning with the 8, you know it’s GMO. I’ve never seen it. If you see the code beginning with 9, you know it’s organic. That one they are happy to label.

* A conventionally grown product carries a 4-digit PLU code (Ex: conventionally grown banana: 4011)

* An organic product carries a 5-digit code, starting with the number 9: (Ex: organic banana: 94011)
* A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) product has a 5-digit code, starting with the number 8: (Ex: GE banana: 84011)

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Later this week I’ll give links to some great videos you can watch about GMO’s. Also check out Dr. Mercola’s website, where he’ll be highlighting GMO’s this week, and has several past articles.



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