7-Step Transition to Eating Good for You-Naturally!™

Many people want to eat better for their health, but don’t know where to start. Others want to lose weight, and know eating better would help them do that. Whichever category you’re in, or both, the 7 Step Transition to Eating Good for You-Naturally!™ can help you with your goal.

This plan will guide you through 7 easy steps towards developing better eating habits. Each week you will work on one small step, where the focus is adding a variety of Good of You-Naturally!™ foods, rather than depriving yourself of everything you like, as most eating plans do.

There are many things that probably do need to be eliminated from your eating habits, but more importantly we want you to make a habit of eating Good for You things, so you have good substitutes for the bad things, not just try to eliminate them. Otherwise you’ll find yourself going back to them whenever you’re “hungry”.  Follow these 7 Steps to build good eating habits.

The first step/post is here. The rest are linked in order.

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