Prevent or Get Over the Guilt Offer

Many of you would LOVE to get a Bosch and Nutri-Mill. You’d love to make fresh Good for You-Naturally! bread for your family with the time saving convenience of these Modern Maidservants™. But you just don’t know how to start. You’re afraid you’d get the machines and then, not knowing for sure what to do with them, they’d sit unused, and you’d feel guilty for spending the money, knowing it was a good investment, but that you aren’t utilizing it faithfully.

I’d love to help you out and I can! Many of you don’t live near here and can’t come to a Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread workshop, but I’ve put it on audio for you. AND for those of you that purchase our 2008 Holiday Special Combo (Bosch Plus with blender & Nutri-Mill) I will GIVE you Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread as a FREE Bonus!

In this workshop I lead you through why you should make Daily Bread, the ingredients we use and why, and step by step through making Quick and Easy Daily Bread. I want you to succeed and I want your family to be blessed with Good for You-Naturally! foods, and these awesome Modern Maidservants™. I think this workshop will bring you Freedom & Simplicity™ as you prepare Daily Bread for your family.

Do you already have a Bread Mixer and Grain Mill? Are they sitting in the cupboard unused, and you have the guilts? You aren’t left alone in your guilt anymore. You can purchase the Freedom & Simplicity™ Daily Bread workshop for ONLY $5 (currently), and get over your guilts too.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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