Newest in the Kitchen – It will blend, even better!

I am so excited about the new Twister Jar for the BlendTec. This jar will do your thickest concoctions, like nut butters, easy peasy. Load it up with up to 16 oz. of nuts and in 35-45 seconds, nut butter (as compared to 4-5 minutes in the regular square jar.) The Twister Jar is $99.99, and there is Limited supply on this first run of jars, so hurry quick if you want to get started blending your thick recipes like nut butters, Hummus, baby foods, dips and dressings, even FASTER! Click for more info or to order. However, this introductory first run of Twister Jars is not BPA free – the second run will be. So I am waiting to order mine.


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