Family Ties

Last week my niece had the honor of playing with her high school band AND the Navy band at Pearl Harbor. This is especially touching for our family, as my uncle was in the Navy band and stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed Dec. 7, 1941. Thankfully he was not wounded, although his ship was damaged.


Nixa and Navy Bands at Pearl Harbor

You can read a news article about my niece’s band and this honor here.

Congratulations, Kayleigh!

In memory of Uncle Bud, who just died a few months ago.

Memorable Memorial

And our weekend is off! Friday we picked up 2 of dd’s friends (young adults, flying in to Denver from their home in Michigan,) that we’d met with their family at Family Reformation Camp 4 years ago. Friday night 2 other friends, that we’d met with their family at Little Bear Wheeler’s family camp 3 years ago, also drove in (from Denver.) For this week the boys REALLY outnumber the girls here. 8 to 4! That is REALLY strange still for me, even though our 4 older girls have been grown and gone for quite a while now. (Youngest of the 4 married nearly 5 years ago.)

The young people have a busy weekend planned, in addition to our family activities. All will culminate (mostly) in the annual Memorial Day cookout at our house, with hopefully at least most of our grown children and grands joining us. We will return the last of our visitors to Denver on Wed. (unless K goes good on her declaration that she’s staying here). 🙂 We’d love to have her.

Looking forward to a fun but busy weekend/week.

Whammy – Bounce Back

Recovering from a brief whammy that started Wed. Sore throat, unable to breathe, cough, chills, fever. Felt quite a bit better Thur. Was able to get up for the not yet bright but early drive to Denver to pick up daughter’s friends yesterday. BUT, had absolutely NO voice yesterday. Today I’m preparing to sing special for church tomorrow – make that SIGN. I’m preparing backup for SIGNing, not SINGing this time. But I’m feeling much better. Voice returning. Just keeping the Kleenex close.

Here’s what I’ve used: [edited to update to what we are currently using]

On Guard in a Spray – down my throat at first sign of sore throat

Colloidal Silver – alternated with the Spray at the beginning

Fresh lemon juice (or Lemon Essential Oil, if we don’t have fresh lemons)  and raw honey in hot water – sip often

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for cough (or Oregano & Lemon)

Breathe Essential Oil blend – for congestion (whichever was closest each time) – oils applied 2-4 times a day

Oscillicoccinum – homeopathic remedy, 4 doses because I was desperate to kick this thing quick, with the week we’ve got.

No sugar or other “junk” food, milk/dairy, or meat.

LOTS of prayer for healing mercies.

See our essential oil website for more info on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils.

My Baby

Not my normal type post today. Not a normal day. Today’s our baby’s birthday. She was born 18 years ago.

Today’s a dreary snow flurry day, but no bitter cold blizzard like 18 years ago.

18 years ago I went to vote that night when I came home. Today we know the results of the election of 2 days ago. 18 years ago we lost our gubernatorial seat, and they also retained the senate seat. This year we kept our senate and house seats, but lost our Presidential seat.

18 years ago she would have come home to 4 older sisters. Today she’d be living with 4 younger brothers, plus 2 younger sisters. But she still wouldn’t have been able to vote yet – missing it by 2 days would have been a ‘bummer’ I’m sure.

18 years ago our baby was born – and died, 3 hours after she was born. Today I visited her grave, for the 18th time on this day.

We’d be taking her out for dinner for her 18th birthday tonight. It would be quite the celebration. The guys aren’t here tonight – off shopping at Cabela’s. I think we girls will go celebrate – her who has gone before us.

Happy Birthday Mykayah!

Boffer Wars Continue

After having a great time in the Boffer Wars at the Reformation Day Faire last weekend, our boys of course had to come home and make their own Boffer weapons. They were thrilled to have an opportunity to do it soon, as our 11 yos, had his last football game Tues. and there was a pizza party planned at our house on Thur night. for the team. So perfect opportunity to engage again. The boys worked every free moment this week to get the weapons ready – mostly swords. They of course had a great time again, and were thrilled to introduce their friends to boffers.


For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
1 Thessalonians 5:23
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For the Birds

5 new birds have come into our home this weekend! It’s not as bad as it sounds. We weren’t invaded by wild birds. Nor by a ton of pets to care for.

The first is a cockatiel. A guy we know was getting rid of it, so we got cage, food, everything – for FREE! Just had to do it. He is a very gentle bird, hand fed since a baby, so very tame and great with the kids. They are having a lot of fun playing with him.


The other 4 birds, don’t require any care – not anymore anyhow. The boys went turkey hunting and brought home 4 on their first day out. So they did require a bit of care when they got home, but I didn’t have to do it. They are now are nicely waiting in my fridge for a few nice meals.  When I will have to do their final “care” – most likely in the crock pot.



Holiday Pricing on Bosch & Grain Mills

The Holidays are coming and I know what you’d like (well, many of you anyhow 🙂 And now is the time to get it, as the 2008 Holiday Special prices have just been announced. Treat yourself to an early gift and give your family the gift of great homemade Good for You – Naturally! foods. Or forward this to your dear husband as a hint for your Christmas list, or bookmark this page to return to after you’ve saved up for it. These prices are good through Dec. 31st (though supplies are limited, so may end before that).

bosch-combo-sale.jpgCombo Special – NutriMill and Universal Plus WITH blender: $599.99

“You wouldn’t buy a washer without a dryer….just as you wouldn’t want to buy a mixer without a mill! They go hand in hand”

Nutri-MillNutri Mill: $249.99

Universal PlusUniversal Plus AND blender: $399.99

Vital Mill: $179.99

Get more info on our Modern Maidservants™ pages by clicking the names of the products above. Email me to order.

Love to have it, but afraid you’d not know what to do with it, and never use it? See my next post for a RedHouseBONUS FREE OFFER, just for YOU!

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Merci is here. Merci Raine to be exact. Our 7th grandchild was born tonight into my hands. Such an awesome event, honor, blessing. Baby and mama are both doing great. The labor and delivery went great. She is pure gorgeous. And Me-mo (me) is ecstatic but now tired. I’m really surprised I’m home and heading to bed at normal hour. This was more than we could have ever asked for.

Merci – about 5 min. old

Wedding Bells & Drinking from the Well

Dd’s wedding was yesterday. Although I didn’t have a whole lot of last minute things to do, just the normal wedding things – and out of town guests and not enough time to spend with them – my days and nights have been full, and I haven’t been on the computer for – what’s it been? – 3 days? Pretty unusual for me, and I’m sure my email box is full, but I haven’t even looked yet. So if you’re waiting a reply, it will be coming soon. Tomorrow will no doubt be back to life as ‘normal’. Although normal this week will be preparing for “The Seminar“. (If you’re local, please check it out.)

After that, there is nothing on my calendar. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do, but I plan to relax, prepare for our new studies, and maybe finish the rest of that “spring cleaning” that we didn’t get to.  Also hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly, once this whirlwind of extra activities for the last couple of months comes to a close.

Life is good, God is GREATER,

Still resting in the spirit, and sitting – At Jesus’ feet,
For Me and My House ~
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!

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Colorado Christmas

Since 2000, my brother and his wife have been putting up elaborate Christmas decorations. They have been featured in the Colorado Springs and Denver area news for the last several years.

Their display consists of lighted figures synced to music played over a low power fm radio station. We were able to go vist them at Christmas time a couple years ago to see his display in person. Incredible! Last year they added a projection screen showing cartoon clips and such -including a salute to our military. They now have over 75,000 lights and are switching to LED lights to help the electric bill!

You can see this year’s news story at KRDO‘s website (click on video of 13 Days of Christmas, his is the winning display, the video feature and interview.) [UPDATE: KRDO did not leave the story up.] You can see pictures of this year’s display at his website, Colorado Christmas, by clicking on Photos -> 2007. This year’s videos aren’t up there yet, but you can see last year’s that are posted on youtube.

Here’s one from a couple of years ago:

See another at my L.E.D. blog.Not the same as our Christmas celebration, but my brother has put an incredible amount of time, thought, work (and money) into this to bring cheer to Colorado Springs children.