Merry Christmas from Me and My House

It’s 4 days ‘fore Christmas and here at our house,
everyone’s bustling, thank God there’s no mouse.

No stockings, but garland is hanging so bright,
And outdoors the house is all trimmed with the lights.
Nativities cover each table and shelf,
No santa clause here, not one tiny elf.

The presents are piled so high on the bed,
The children are cranky, they must all need fed.
Then tackle those dozens of presents to wrap,
Then rock with the baby to give him a nap.

Mail grandmother’s gift that must travel so far.
Make gifts for the neighbors, something in a jar.
Let’s sew up some ponchos and not take a rest,
Then lounge pants for boys, and chaps and a vest.

Let’s have our friends over and exchange our toys.
That will bring smiles to both girls and boys.
And caroling we’ll go after dinner together,
We couldn’t have asked for much better weather.

Now haircuts to get and pictures to take,
the one in our card looks like a mistake.

Clean up the house, here you take the broom.
Sister is coming, clean out the guest room.
Please wash the sheets. Then vacuum the floor.
Can you get the phone, while I get the door?

The program is over, the children did great.
They each had a part and none came in late.
Joseph, who’s otherwise usually called Jed.
Played with the star, and poked Jesus in bed.

We’ll all go to church, communion to take,
Oh that reminds me, the bread I must bake.
We’ll take a nativity to sister’s grave.
And come home for cookies that our dear friends gave.

We’ll all go to grandpa’s, that is most of us.
Have dinner and presents, and relax – we must.
Then wake in the morning and open gifts here,
Christmas off work for all for this year!

Then over to family, more holiday cheer,
Then back home to crash before the New Year.

‘Though busy we are, it’s all for one cause,
To spread our God’s love, not play santa clause.

We love each one dearly, want to show everyone,
That God came to earth in the form of His Son.
To pay for our sins and bring to us new birth,
To make us like Him. We must honor His worth.

That babe in a manger, is King over all,
Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and then Paul.
He’s risen victorious, conquered death and the grave,
He made you and me, and is worthy of praise.

May all of your focus in this busy time,
Be upon the Lord Jesus, our God that’s Divine.
May all celebrations, so busy yet fun,
Bring glory to God, and bless God every one.

© Lisa @Me & My House 2007 All Rights Reserved

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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Life on the Lake!

Here’s what it looked like an hour or so ago out the street from us. No, we don’t live anywhere near water. We live in the valley between 2 rivers. But our rivers are usually nothing but sandbars with a trickle flowing between them. This year they’ve gotten pretty high with all the rain we’ve gotten. But we’re a long way from flood stage.

Yes, this flood was a broken water main. Thankfully it didn’t flood the front or side road of our house. It was just starting to creep up to our neighbors to the west, and was flowing down the alley to our north and up their driveways. A big dip in the road to our west saved us. The pictures of our boys are on the corner to the west of us. The car – yes it flooded INTO the car – is on the street just west of us. We tried to knock on the door, but no one was home. They won’t be happy when they get home. That’s our daughter behind the tree, (in pink) with water up past her knees. The boat in the first pic is about 1 block west of us.

It took the city about an hour to get someone there to turn off the main! It had burst and raised one whole segment of the street – 1 side of the street about 1/4 of a block long and water was spewing out of both sides of the raised portion. (See first picture) The kids had a great time walking in it and riding their bikes through it. By bath time the water was receding and no fun anymore.

Now the backhoe and jackhammers are at work breaking the street up. Will that be the song that lulls me to sleep tonight?

In Memory of … my Grandma

Greetings from Me and My House,

Thursday night, the same day that Terri Schaivo (and more here) passed away by slow murder in hospice care, my last living grandparent, and my children’s last living great-grandparent, also passed away in hospice care. My grandma would have turned 92 years next month. Her health has been steadily deteriorating, and hospice did all they could until the last minute. My mother was at her side at the time of death.

Honor is given to this life, that brought forth the life, that brought forth mine. May we meet again on the other side.

These pictures of my children and my grandma were taken two years ago.

At Jesus’ feet,