Is Your Food Aging You?

You know how some people age terribly, but other people just never seem to age at all? Why is that?

Until recently, most people thought it was all genetics, but it turns out it has a LOT more to do with what you eat (and don’t eat).

This fun quiz was developed by John and Ocean Robbins at the Food Revolution Network. They’ve written extensively about the relationship between food and aging, and they live what they teach. John is nearly 70, and he and his son, Ocean, have run marathons together!

Aging does NOT need to mean an inevitable slide towards more and more prescription drugs, decrepitude, and misery. In fact, I believe your best years ever are in front of you.

John and Ocean are also the hosts of the annual Food Revolution Summit where they interview 25 of the top experts in the world on the relationship between food and health. The best part is if you take the quiz, they will gift you a free registration to the online summit!

Here’s to aging gracefully and gorgeously!

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What You Need to Know About Food and Your Health

FRN_BannerAd200x200_2016_1-3With all the promises out there of the latest greatest tips and hacks to increase your vitality and health, it turns out there’s one big thing to pay attention to that makes more of an impact than anything else:

Your food.

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You’ll also get the latest breakthrough health tips to feel your best, sleep deeply, increase mental focus and lose weight. All while you discover how to support the health and longevity of your family and loved ones with the one thing we all love: food!

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