Wet Sock Treatment

It’s not a very smart thing to allow your immune system to get run down – with junk food, little sleep, and over busyness – especially when there’s a “bug” in the air, and fresh air is at a premium due to the temps outside. But that’s usually what happens over the Holidays.

‘Tis the season for a lot of coughs, colds and flu, and much of it has been going around here. But I don’t have time to be sick, 🙂 so I just kept plugging along in preparations for our Celebration of the Incarnation of our Lord and Savior. I knew once I slowed down I needed to be careful or I’d catch it too. And sure enough, once I took a couple days to relax after the holiday, I started to feel a cold coming on. But I wasn’t going to let it get me.

So what’d I do? Started fighting it in all out force before it could actually get ahold of me.

Some of the natural treatment preventative remedies we use are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils from doTerra, Grandma’s Onion Syrup, GOCO, Herb Teas (not as effective as the EOs, but the sooth and feel good going down, and do have the same benefits, just not as efficient), and the Wet Sock Treatment. I’ve written about the others before, but I’ve never put the WST here before. So here it is.

I learned of the Wet Sock Treatment from a friend when our older children were little. She learned of it from her Naturopath/Homeopath Doctor. As it’s name says, it involves wet socks.

The Wet Sock Treatment is an immune stimulating treatment recommended by Naturopaths and other holistic doctors. The hydrotherapy (going from hot feet to cold socks) increases circulation and stimulates the immune system, so it’s good for cold, flu, fever, sinus, ear ache, sore throat, upper respiratory, infections, etc. I’ve even heard migraines. (But I’m not a doctor, prescribing anything to you, just telling you what we do that we’ve learned from doctors.)


woolsockYou need a pair of very light weight Cotton Socks and a pair of heavy wool socks – cotton socks at least 90% cotton, wool socks at least 90% wool. Put cotton socks in a bowl/sink of very cold water. Soak your feet in as hot of water as you can stand for 10 minutes or more (or take a hot soaking bath). I add my EOs to my foot soak water (like OnGuard).  Immediately (after getting out) take the cold wet cotton socks out of the cold water and put them on. Then pull the dry wool ones over them. Go straight to bed and cover up. Leave the socks on all night. Keep covered. Rest well.

It’s best to do the WST at the beginning of coming down with something. As with everything, catch it fast to ward it off. But even later in the course it will be helpful. You may need to do it 3 days in a row, if the crud is already getting to you.

Try it. For your health! It may save you from the crud this winter.



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