Tips for Hanging Out

Clothes – that is.

This is a follow-up to 7 great reasons for hanging out your laundry – from our latest newsletter. If you’ve never hung out laundry – aren’t sure how to do it – or question, what about “stiff” clothes – read on.


Put a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. This will help soften your clothes – and it also helps remove odors and detergent residue. No, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar.

Shake out each article before hanging.  Make sure nothing is bunched up or twisted.

Hang most clothes upside-down, from the hem. Don’t use 2 clothespins per article of clothing. String them together (most things anyhow) with 1 clothespin holding the left end of 1 article and the right end of the next. This not only saves clothespins, but also time. And it keeps you from having marks on your shoulders. Some skirts, dresses and shorts do better hung from the top.

Hang pants from the hem also – 1 clothes pin in the center of each leg hem. You can also pull pockets out to help them dry faster.

Pair socks and hang both from one clothespin – either at the top or toe. (Don’t fold them over.)

Hang undergarments from one clothespin on the side. You don’t have to string them out for all to see. They’ll dry quickly and take up less room on the line hanging down from one clothespin.

Fold sheets and blankets, and any other really long items, over the line – big, heavy items over 2 lines, spread out between them. Put a clothespin at each end.

Don’t leave clothes out too long after they’re dried. 1) The sun could fade the colors. 2) Birds, trees or other sources could cause you to have to rewash – then you wouldn’t be saving time or money.

Are a few items, such as jeans or towels, still not quite as soft as you’d like? Throw them in the dryer on air only/fluff for about 5 minutes.

Enjoy your summer – while you’re hanging out!

Living Coram Deo – before the Face of God,

Lisa @ Me and My House

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