So Sew Fun

Our children have been into competition shows for quite some time, cooking competitions (well in addition to the boys’ sports shows). On the rare occasion that I watch TV, watching one of these cooking competitions with them is usually what I do. But I’ve discovered something far more fun than Iron Chef, the Great British Sewing Bee. (Not available on our BBC TV station here, just online.)

The episode below introduced me to the Bee. It’s the perfect episode for me, probably no other would have intrigued me. In it, the competitors are required to use traditional sewing techniques, and even the greatest sewing machine built (minus all the bells and whistles we have today), the Singer 201, the “Cadillac” of traditional (vintage) machines in their day (just at the turn from treadle to electric, a beauty in her day). Just like one that will someday be mine. (I am so looking forward to getting it running again. It is not a treadle machine, just in a treadle cabinet. Love it.)

Singer 201 in Treadle Table ~ from Me & My House

Here’s the show. Sewists will love watching this. Take a peek, and perhaps be tempted to watch other episodes.