from an Apple girl

I’ve been an Apple girl since the mid-80’s. I’ve owned Apples of about every flavor. Performas, iBooks, MacBooks, iPods – Shuffles, Nanos, Touches, iPad, iPhone. So it was with great sadness that I received the news tonight of the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and until recently CEO, (and co-founder of Pixar, too.) As a Facebook friend commented, iSad.

As one article* noted, after some fans and analysts were disappointed yesterday when the new iPhone was announced as iPhone 4S instead of 5, “Suddenly, the next version of the iPhone doesn’t seem so important. It’s time to mourn Steve Jobs, the Silicon Valley maestro who always seemed to hit the right note as he transformed Apple Inc. into technology’s greatest hits factory.”

Praying that he found hope for eternity, through repentence and trust in Jesus Christ. He changed so many lives, revolutionizing the way we do things, by making products that just work, tools that truly help us in our work and play, in our daily lives. May his own life have been changed by Jesus, in a much greater way than he changed ours.


Do you have any Apple devices? If so, how have they changed your life? Comment below.


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Announcement from Apple


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