Spring Cleaning

I’m faced with a toughy. Married dd #4 was hired by her grandparents to spring clean their house. She asked if dd#5 (teen at home) could help her and I could watch her son. We would split the money between the three of us.

At the time I said, “Or maybe I’ll let you 2 split the money, and then you could help me and your sister do our spring cleaning. We’ll see.” I wasn’t really wanting “paid” for watching dgs.

But the time of payment came. The job had taken much longer than they had anticipated. They were both tired of cleaning for the moment – and paid more than they expected. And my computer is overloading and no cash in sight for replacing it. I went for the money. My house isn’t very bad. We’ve kept up pretty well but have a few projects that need tackled. I guess if I need her help with the spring cleaning I will have to just pay her back.

Hmmm, which is more important a spiffy, shiny home or an effecient avenue of doing our school work and ministry? I’m not really wanting to get a new computer either, but it appears this one can’t be upgraded – parts are discontinued and “obsolete”. Maybe I’ll forget spring cleaning, spend the time writing more resources that will hopefully sell so I can get the money for the new computer. Hmmm. The decisions of life. To clean or not to clean. 🙂

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