New Year’s Goals

I know I’m a month early for such a title, but actually I’m talking about this year’s goals. And I could use some prayer support in this area over the next few weeks.

In reviewing some of the goals I wrote at the beginning of the year, I was reminded that one of them was to update and reformat our Good for You – Naturally!Exclusives recipe books. I completed my first goal of a 7 week blog series on Good for You – Naturally! but never got back to this one (the recipe books) when lesson planning and some Lifestyle Education through Discipleship resources took precedence.

This fall I’ve been able to turn my attention back to this project, hoping to at least get a start on it before the year ends. As is typical for me, the vision and project has grown – really just become more clear as to what I want to do/believe God would have me to do – and it will no doubt be a long term project. But I think it is one that will be a big blessing for many of you.

Many years ago (12-15) a grandfatherly man who had the stall next to me at Farmer’s Market, and was our egg man, exhorted me, "You’ve got to teach these younger women to cook.  They don’t know how to cook anymore. No one is teaching them." I was selling whole wheat breads and other baked goods, and Good for You – Naturally!™ mixes at the Farmer’s Market. He didn’t know that I had a heart to do just that. I was selling wheat grinders and bread mixers, but my demonstrations went beyond that to teaching whole foods nutrition. And I had written a couple of simple cookbooks – before widespread use of computers, that were typed, cut and pasted booklets.

The new Freedom & Simplicity™ in the Kitchen series of Good for You – Naturally!™ Exclusives will include several recipe and food preparation instruction books. Like my original cookbooks, these will be focused on a single area each. But the selection will be greatly expanded. I’d really like to give you comprehensive help in the kitchen from the time you get up to the time you go to bed.

These books will be great resources for whole foods cooking and living foods preparation for families. They will include simple, family fare that keeps the budget in mind. These are recipes, meals, and menu plans that will please the "spaghetti and tacos" crowd.   No focus on exotic or "weird" foods – though some may not be completely familiar to you if you are used to buying all prepackaged foods – just fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (including whole grains and legumes).

I am working on gathering all my recipes together (again) and working out the steps. Much of how I prepare food is in my head, or scratched out loosely on cards. Preparation steps and sometimes even exact amounts need to be clarified so you can duplicate Good for You – Naturally!™ foods in your kitchen. But most of all I want to help you learn to create Good for You – Naturally!™ foods that your family will love. Food ingredient choices, preparation techniques, options and adjustments you can make to suit the recipe to your family – these are just a few of the things I will be sharing with you.

So whenever you think of or eat food and Father God brings me to your mind, beseech Him for me to grant grace, wisdom, and time to work on this project.


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