New Year – New You

Greetings from Me and My House,

Perhaps you are one who wants to take a faster journey. You don’t want to just add something good to your eating habits right now. You want to get off the junk – NOW. You’re tired of the way you feel and perhaps look, and are ready to go all the way to get the junk out of your house and out of your body.

It’s not too hard to get it out of the house, just throw it out – all of it. Don’t think about the money you are throwing away. It is more harmful in your body than in the trash. If it isn’t yours to throw away (perhaps your dear spouse isn’t ready for this journey to good health), perhaps you can relegate a certain shelf (preferably up high and out of the way) as their “junk shelf” and keep all items “off limits” to the rest of the family shut away up there.

As I mentioned in our Transitioning post, going cold turkey does give you faster benefits, and sometimes this is needed to keep you going. One of the not so pleasant initial benefits for some though is going through the physical effects of getting the junk out of the body, detoxing.

I’ve transferred 3 articles on detoxing from my old list over here. They can be read at:
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