New! Improved! Really?

I believe that the way God designed the foods He gave to man to nourish his body is perfect. I don’t believe man can improve in any way on it.

I don’t believe that "nutritional products" are what man needs to be healthy. I don’t like gimmicks that try to promote processed/ adulterated foods or non-foods as healthy.  I don’t think good nutrition is based on strange or special, secret foods. And I also don’t believe that eating what’s Good for You needs to be expensive. Good for You – Naturally! is a far cry from buying your potato chips and microwave dinners at the health food store.

Good for You – Naturally! is whole foods nutrition based on G.O.D., God’s Original Diet (as opposed to S.A.D., Standard American Diet.) Good for You – Naturally! is an eating lifestyle based on raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds – and plenty of pure water. We, like most people, add to this (as God Himself did), but this is the foundation for eating Good for You – Naturally!

~~~~ So why am about to recommend a food "product"? Because most people don’t believe anything can be convenient or easy without coming in a bag or a can – or is that plastic tub now? And many people are willing to pay for convenience. Well, many people don’t realize that they are paying for convenience, they just don’t know their is another way – that really isn’t inconvenient either. And there is a food that doesn’t violate any of the Good for You – Naturally! principles, yet is totally convenient.

It most likely will not be for all of you – all the time. But it most certainly will be for some of you – all the time, for some of you – some of the time — perhaps for some of you –  none of the time.

Stay tuned for our announcement.

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