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Do you know if you’re consuming Genetically Modified foods? 65% say they haven’t, another 15% doesn’t know. That 65% is (most likely everyone of them) wrong. If you aren’t informed, and don’t make conscious choices against them, you most likely are consuming them too. If you’ve eaten any foods (that are not organic, and labeled NO GMO’s) that contain, in any form, corn, soy, sugar beets, cottonseed or canola oil you’ve eaten GMO’s, and mostly likely eat them many times a day.

Part 1 of an interview with Jeffrey Smith(by Kevin Gianni) on Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods and how they got on the market is below. Watch for Part 2 tomorrow.

Organic, whole, living foods are no longer just a fringe choice. They are God’s foods for sustenance of His creation and the only real foods we should be eating. For our health and for future generations.

All the rest of this week we will be sharing more videos on our food sources.

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