I’m very please to hear that HSLDA is taking CPSIA more seriously and considering its affect on hs curricula and those hs-ers whose livelihood is based on it.

Here’s part of what they’ve said:

… we are concerned about the effect that this legislation and
the proposed regulations will have on small family businesses. It
appears that many of these vital businesses could be forced to close
due to the high cost of compliance with the CPSIA.

HSLDA is trying to help protect such family businesses, as well as the
homeschooling families who may purchase educational items from such a
family business.

We will be meeting with the commissioners of the Consumer Product
Safety Commission on Wednesday, February 4. It would help our efforts
if we had actual accounts from family business owners who will have to
go out of business, or make drastic cutbacks, as a result of this
legislation and the proposed regulations. …

And more on scheduled meetings with CPSC.

CPSC’s current public calendar for the week of Feb. 2 shows several trade associations have asked to meet with Commissioner Thomas H. Moore or commission staffers to discuss the impact of the law. Moore has a Feb. 4 meeting scheduled with Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, and two other officials from that association; he has another meeting that day with Goodwill Industries International Inc. President & CEO Jim Gibbons and two others from Goodwill to discuss the law’s impact on donated goods. On Feb. 5, Robert Howell of CPSC’s Office of Hazard Identification and Reduction is scheduled to meet with a lawyer and others representing the Gift and Home Trade Association to discuss the law’s impact on that association’s members.

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