GMO Videos Part 2

Our list of GMO (and other food) videos we’ve watched to date this fall. We have watched many. Some were more interesting than others, some included the same interviews as others, some were done better than others, some were idealized, most don’t have a Biblical perspective (only 1 we’ve watched does) so their conclusions lead to agendas (politically or environmentally) that we are not for. We certainly don’t agree with everything presented in all of these. But all expose evidence and the dangers of genetically engineered organisms, which we believe we have both health reasons and Biblical reasons to avoid and educate on. Therefore, they are worthy of watching. Apply a Biblical principled perspective and you will learn much and be able to make appropriate responses, beginning in your own kitchen, by avoiding eating genetically modified foods. (Some of these videos are not specifically on GMOs, but are on other dangers in food production/processing and/or the food and health relationship.)


We’ve been able to watch all of these for free online – most through Netflix streaming, YouTube or Vimeo. But before the movies, the first is a talk show interview on GMOs. The second is an audio of a presentation given by sustainable farmer, Joel Salatin.

Dr. Oz Investigates Genetically Modified Foods – in this 3 part video Dr. Oz interviews those both for and against GE foods.

Food: The Cornerstone of Christian Credibility – audio given by Christian farmer, Joel Salatin, at Patrick Henry College  (you’ll see him featured in Food, Inc below)

Food Inc – (Netflix) a great first video to watch, although not strictly about GMOs, about the industrialization and politics of food.

King Corn (Netflix) – The children enjoyed this one. The story of 2 city guys who decide they want to experience being corn farmers and learn how corn grown in Iowa ended up in their hair (hair analysis.)

Deconstructing Supper – (Netflix) a restaurant owner learns about GMOs.

Fed Up – (Netflix) explores the various food production systems of the US, uses old movies clips to add to the entertainment factor.

The Future of Food  – free online, also at YouTube and Netflix – documentary on biotech and politics

Life Running Out of Control – (Netflix) explores the effects of biotechnology on our lives

The World According to Monsanto – documentary on who Monsanto is and what they are doing.  (More videos listed below this video.)


Food Matters – (Netflix) the relationship between food and health

Forks Over Knives – (Netflix) effects of modern food processing on our health, focusing on the research of Dr. Colin Campbell (cancer) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (heart disease).

Ingredients – (Netflix) bringing food production back to the sustainable, local farm, and good food back to the table.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – (Netflix) another that isn’t GMO, but this one was all our children’s favorite. The story (there’s the appeal) of a man who learns of the relationship between food and health and goes on a fresh juice diet and travels the country, while he’s losing weight and gaining health, and the people he meets along the way.


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