Spool Pin Doily

Spool Pin Doily Pattern/Instructions

Spool Pin Doily {crochet - tutorial} ~ from Me & My House

Crochet these cute flower doilies for your sewing machine spool pin, to prevent your thread spools from wearing away the paint on your machine. Uses #10 crochet cotton thread and size D crochet hook.

Pattern Free! for personal or small scale sales use.

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6 Responses to Spool Pin Doily

  1. Donna Bopp says:

    I just bought a 1927 Model 66 Singer Red eye and I have a 1903 127 Treadle. They will both love these flowers. Thank you!

  2. I have started collecting vintage sewing machines and just want to make a few of these to use on them. So glad I found your pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Debra Orcutt says:

    I have 11 vintage sewing machines. These are going to look great on them. TYVVM

  4. Reeva Babcock says:

    Thanks for the cute design

  5. Diane Millett says:

    Love this doily. Would love to make a couple for my featherweight.

  6. Cecile Flegg says:

    Hi, These doilies look so cute! I never even knew they existed, my pen pal told me about them. I want to make a few for her to make her happy. And maybe even for myself.

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