Catching Up

We’re home from vacation, (pics and details to follow) which wrecked havoc on our eating (well to some degree anyhow), even though we did as one only can, ate the best choices we had available – sometimes pretty good, sometimes mediocre. (And yet, I’d be remiss to not note our tremendous gratefulness and appreciation to the church for providing such wonderful spreads for us while we were there.)

One thing I had time to do while I was gone (with very little internet connection available) is go back through posts, and find there were a few in my drafts files that never got posted. So in addition to Saturday’s post, which didn’t get posted, due to lack of connection, there are 2 others from scattered times over the past year.

The Cycle – Nutrition category

Spark of Life – For the Family category

Deceptive Foods – Nutrition category

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