Announcing! It will blend!

Me and My House ministries is now an authorized affiliate for Blendtec® super blenders.

Because we emphasize that the Vitamix® (another popular high performance blender in the same class as the Blendtec®) is NOT a juicer – AND because we very highly recommend juicing, and purchasing a good juicer as the #1 needed kitchen appliance – some get the false idea that we are against super blenders, such as the Vitamix® and Blendtec®.

As noted on our Juicer page of our Recommended Resources, we believe these super blenders are great machines – just not juicers. And we don’t believe they take the place of juicers or produce a food product of higher quality than juice extractors. (Therefore we aren’t too thrilled with their promotions of blending food being better than juicing. We don’t believe it.)

But, we do believe they can be a great addition to the Good for You-Naturally!™ kitchen, especially for those desiring to eat a high percentage of G.O.D. foods. These super blenders can do in short order what your normal blender cannot do well, or cannot do for very long without burning out.

Why Blendtec®? Blendtec® and Vitamix® are both great high performance blenders. I think most would be happy with either one. There are a few differences, and those led me to go with Blendtec®. This is nothing against Vitamix®, just our choice at this time for Blendtec®.

Both are super blenders that operate at well over 200 miles per hour (29000+ RPM) and have high (2-3+) horsepower. (The Vitamix® is 11.5 amps and 1200 watts and the Blendtec® is 13 amps and 1560 watts. Regular blenders may have 300-500 watts.) These super blenders get the job done – and do it quickly – whether you are wanting a truly smooth smoothie or great almond milk. This high performance blending breaks down cellular walls in foods, allowing us to get greater nutrient quantity out of them. Both can make everything from frozen ice cream to hot soup. Both have 64 oz. BPA-free jars. Both are used in juice bars, coffee shops and restaurants, such as Jamba Juice, Starbucks, and Panera Bread. (There’s growing competition as some switch from Vitamix® to Blendtec®. I believe all those listed now use Blendtec®.)

Here are my reasons for going with Blendtec®.

1) The Blendtec® is shorter. It fits on your counter under your upper cupboards. The Vitamix® is about 5″ taller and doesn’t fit under standard cupboards.

2) The Blendtec® has an electronic “keypad” operation, rather than knobs and switches. Makes for easier clean up. It also is “programed” with 6 different cycles that automatically shut off, in addition to 10 manual speeds and Pulse.

3) The Blendtec® has a square jar design, and a 2-winged blade, making it easier to clean out. Get every last bit of that expensive food out easily. The blade design (curved up at the tips) also creates a vortex pulling food down into the blades better. The Vitamix® blender is small at the bottom, and has a 4-winged blade, making it harder to clean out, and uses a tamper to push the food into the blades.

4) The Blendtec® has a bit smaller footprint and is a lighter in weight (7# vs. 11#.) The first is important to me in my horribly undersized kitchen for our large family that prepares all food from scratch. The second is important for taking it along with me when traveling. (This is also a plus for having a blender separate from my kitchen center.)

5) The price of these super blenders is usually pretty comparable, but the Blendtec® is generally a bit cheaper (about $50 less.) (I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Vitamix® cheaper than the Blendtec®.) It also doesn’t need a second container for dry blending, which the Vitamix® does – and costs extra.

6) I have owned and sold the Blendtec® predecessors and was very happy with them. We used to use and sell the K-Tec® flour mill and the Champ® kitchen center, with blender. That blender was a workhorse that I never had any problems with. I remember our youngest daughter at the time being so impressed by the video. She said, “Get one of those mama!” If you want to be impressed by videos too, go to Will It Blend and watch Tom, the CEO of Blendtec®, blend all sorts of things you shouldn’t try at home.

7) Just to round things out, but not a really good reason. I like the looks of the Blendtec® better. Not so industrial looking. AND the red goes great in my kitchen!

Sooo – if you already have a good juicer (Champion or Green Star) and you are planning to up your percentage of raw G.O.D. foods, a Blendtec® high performance blender may be next appliance you want to look at getting (or a good dehydrator.) It would make a great Christmas present for your family, so you can get started in the New Year with your new Good for You-Naturally!™ way of eating.

And there is a GREAT sale going on right now, until Dec. 21st (2009.) Get the Blendtec® with 2 containers for the price of 1. Get the regular 64 oz. jar and also the new 3 qt. jar with 4″ blade for even better blending!

Order (or just learn more about) BlendTec blenders here.

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