A Bit of Rejoicing on Deadline Day

Today is the day the CPSIA goes into effect. Due to prayers and actions taken by many, there has been a stay granted on much of this law. I noted some of it on Jan. 31st.  (And there is plenty more in previous posts, if you are clueless as to what I’m talking about.) Part of the new enforcement policy, that was released on the 6th is:

5. Product Classes Whose Lead Content Is Consistently Below Lead Limits

The Commission staff has begun to identify classes of children’s products
whose lead content appears to fall consistently below the prescribed limits.
The staff is not aware of a single documented case in which a product falling
within one of the following classes contained total lead above 300 ppm:

• Ordinary children’s books1 printed after 1985
• Dyed or undyed textiles (not including leather, vinyl or PVC) and
non-metallic thread and trim used in children’s apparel and other
children’s fabric products such as baby blankets.  This class does not
include such products if: (1) they have undergone further treatment
that may impart lead (2) they are ornamented with metal, rhinestones
or other objects; or (3) they have plastic or metal fasteners with
possible lead content (such as snaps, grommets, zippers, or buttons)

Upon completion of the staff’s investigation of these product classes, the
Commission intends to issue guidance addressing them in greater detail.  In
the meantime, the Commission’s Office of Compliance shall not prosecute
any person for manufacturing, importing, distributing, selling or offering for
sale a children’s product (or part thereof) that falls within the two classes
described above on the basis that it contains more than 600 ppm lead unless
the Director of Compliance finds that (1) such person had actual knowledge
that the product contained more than 600 ppm lead; or (2) continued to
manufacture, import, distribute or sell such product after being put on notice
by the Commission staff.

IOW, children’s books printed after 1985, as well as general textiles, have consistently proven to not have lead in them. This means that many children’s general and home education resources, as well as fabric items, can continue to be produced and sold without testing.

This is great news for many home ed publishers. But it has also already affected many. Some have put forth much money to have this testing done, in order to comply before today’s deadline date. (Obviously they needed to act before this unforeseen, though welcome, change came about at the end of last week.) Others have closed out either their entire business or certain aspects of it.  Continue to pray for those this has already hit financially, and pray that God would restore what the locust has eaten.

See all new updates to this law here.

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1 Thessalonians 5:23
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