What’s worse than…

a dead skunk in the middle of the road?

A dead squirrel in your ceiling!

Want to know how I know?

For the last couple of months we’ve had an awful stench, that comes and goes, in our master bedroom closet. At first I just thought it was someone.  🙂  Then I removed all our shoes, and things from the shelves, and cleaned everything well, thinking there was a dead mouse in there somewhere. Nothing. When the smell returned last week, worse instead of better, I removed all of our clothes, as well as everything else, and put them in another room. The smell seemed to grow worse.

By this time the idea of a dead mouse in the walls was becoming a dead body under the house – well, at least a possum or a cat or something. Surely a mouse would have disintegrated by now.

While I was gone last week, after I’d removed everything from the closet, investigation began. First crawling under the house. Of course, our closet is in the far corner from the opening to get in the crawlspace. Nothing.

Checking the ceiling was the next idea, but instead a wall was torn out first. Nothing. Finally, the ceiling was pulled down. As the insulation was shifted around  —- down it came! some insulation paper with a dead squirrel in it. UGHHHH!

I’m glad I was gone.

Now – the ceiling is being re-drywalled, as well as re-drywalling and mudding of the wall.

My clothes are still in piles, covering the bed and desk in the guest room. My shoes are still in trashbags covering the floor of the guest room. Awaiting the repainting and applying of the trim in the closet.

But at least the smell is gone.

The pattering of little feet across the roof of the house isn’t near as cheerful a sound as it was a few months ago.



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