Surrounded by Death

The 3rd death on our property in about 2 weeks happened today. Plus…

Beginning at the beginning –


Death #1 – our last guinea pig. The boys said she committed suicide. She kept going under her water bottle and pushing up on it, getting wet. They’d move her out. She’d go back and do it again. She died a couple hours later. Interrupted one of our first days back at lessons with an unexpected funeral and burial.


Death #2 – even more traumatic. A few days later, I turned on the car and started to back out. Heard a horrible clunking in the engine, and turned the car off. Thought a tool had been left under the hood or something. Got the boys to come look. Opened the hood. Fur went flying. A stray kitten had tried to find a warm place. It was taking its last breaths when we found it. Couldn’t throw it in the trash, the garbage men had just come that day. Didn’t want to dig a deep enough hole. Called the pound to come get it.


Death #3 – today. Young squirrel coming down the tree. Black lab jumping up the tree. There was running for them and calling dog. But not quick enough. Squirrel in dog’s mouth. Interception, but too late. Dog chained. Squirrel suffering. Boys and pellet gun mercifully end its misery.


Just as I was ready to type up our latest death sagas, I get a call. Boys coming home from hunting. “Bring the little boys to daughter’s house, so they can watch.” 30 doves to clean. (Guess they didn’t want to bring them here around the dog.) Just what I did NOT want to watch. Boys tearing wings off dead birds and …


I’ve seen about all the dead things I care to in a while.

Thanks be to God that though I’m surrounded by death in this fallen, decaying world, He has come to give us LIFE and that abundantly and eternally! “Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?”

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2 Responses to Surrounded by Death

  1. Jacque Dixon says:

    Oh do I know what you mean. Our deaths have been a little more personal, unfortunately…. In July, we lost our family dog when she was on the RRtracks.. they honked and honked, but we didn’t realize it until it was too late. She was the guardian, follow us to the barn at all hours of the night, help with the goats and chickens, best friend… it’s been real hard.
    Then, after we had 5 goat kids born, one of the moms got sick and died in 15 hours. :(( Left two orphan goats….
    Another 3 goats got sick, but we helped them out, and they got better. The 2 orphan girls were being bottle-fed, and we had to keep a close eye on them.
    One of them died last week… I hope that’s all. I don’t think I can take another!
    I did thank the Father that it was our pets and not our children.
    But, all that to say, I sure know what you mean!!
    And, I am thankful to know the one who holds it all in his hands!!

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  2. Yes, Praising God it was not PEOPLE!