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fridayfood2.jpgEver wonder about the recipes for what’s in our Friday Food picture? That’s a plain lettuce/tomato salad at the top left, homemade salsa (almost more of a pico de guillo) at the bottom right, homemade corn tortilla chips at the top right, and you guessed it, refried beans at the bottom left. This is one of our favorite light, snack-y type lunches. It is so much better than opening a can of beans, bag of chips, and jar of salsa, and takes just a little more work – but not much.

Today you get the recipe for the Refried Beans. It makes a nice large batch to eat on for a while, or freeze in meal size portions. I have a 6 qt. crock pot and it fills it pretty well.

Lisa’s Refried Beans

Sort and rinse, then soak 4-4.5 cups organic dried pinto beans* in double to triple that amount of water. You can either soak overnight or quick soak by bringing to a boil for 1 minute, then turning off the heat and leaving sit covered for an hour.

Place in crock pot, (if you didn’t soak them in there.) Cover to about 1″ over the swelled beans with water (add or remove water, as needed.) Cook until nearly soft.

Add: 1-1.5 large fresh organic onions, diced

6-8 medium cloves of organic garlic, minced

Continue cooking until very soft.

Add: 1/2 – 1 stick soft real butter (or 1/2 – 3/4 c. organic, expeller pressed safflower oil) and mash well.

Stir in: 2-4 organic Roma Tomatoes, blended

2 Tbl. organic Chili Powder

1.5 tsp. cumin

opt. 2 fresh jalapeno peppers, diced small

Salt &/or Pepper, if desired

Reheat, adding water if needed.

Serve with fresh corn tortilla chips.

Bon Appétit! (Whoops! Olé!)

*Note: Obviously you don’t HAVE to use organic ingredients. It’s just better for you if you do.

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3 Responses to Refried Beans – Friday Food

  1. Michele says:

    Hi Lisa, I came over from the Rubies group to find out how to make beans. It is one of those simple things I still have trouble with. 🙂 Wondering if you can share your source for organic beans. Thanks for the post. Blessings,


  2. We buy our organic beans and grains in bulk from a natural food supplier. For years we belonged to a food buying club (co-op) with Blooming Prairie, who merged with United Natural Foods a few years ago. A believe they are nation wide now.

    Now we buy through Azure Standard out of Oregon. They deliver here to the midwest down I-80 (and other places too). They also ship UPS to anywhere their trucks don’t deliver.

    If you aren’t in an area that has truck delivery by a natural food supplier, the shipping cost may be pretty high (thru UPS or such,) in which case a health food store that has bulk bins is probably the cheapest source.

  3. BTW, welcome to my blog Michele. I love the Rubies group.