Organic? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Is it always Good for You – Naturally!?

We are seeing more and more organic products available. That is good. We are hearing more and more about the health benefits of organic foods. That is good.

Many big food corporations have jumped on the organic band-wagon. That can have some good points, but also some bad.


The availability and cost will be better.

The advertising budget is there to make organics more well known.


These are not companies committed to organics and health. They are companies that are committed to making a buck on whatever the customer is wanting. They continue to produce and heavily promote health destroying (non-)foods, while at the time producing and promoting healthy foods.

With this greater committment to the almighty dollar, rather than health, it’s hard to trust them. Are they really using the top quality ingredients and processes? Are they always absolutely truthful in their practices? Sadly no.

The Ugly – Here’s just a few examples:

When big corporations dip their hands into a project, they are looking to maximize their profits by turning out the largest amount of product for the least expense. If this means sacrificing some ethics and skimping on some quality, that is often exactly what is done.

As a result, you now have to be very wary when you see the term “organic,” as it doesn’t always mean that the food is any better for you or the environment. For example:

* Horizon Organic, the company that supplies Wal-Mart, has continually ignored federal organic standards — specifically, a cow’s access to pasture.

* The organic label is now being put on salmon, despite the fact that there is not much difference between conventional farm-raised salmon and its organic counterpart.

* You can buy organic versions of ice cream, potato chips, crackers, soda and just about everything, but these foods are STILL not good for you.


There is a chart there with some of the major corporations and the organic brands they own.

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