New Year Off & Running

Mostly running! Well, not running to fast, it’s been frigidly cold here until this past week. We’re just starting to thaw out – and now this week is getting colder again.

Sorry I’ve been so absent here the last couple weeks. I’ve been posting a ton of new info over at the Good for You-Naturally!™ for Life Course & Community, and just don’t have enough online time to write material for several places at once. Join us for the Course & Community today and find a New You in the New Year! Weight Loss – Better Health – do it for your Family, for Life!

But  as for an update here, so far the New Year has brought:

  • Out of town trip with 10yodd – birthday shopping and post Christmas returns.
  • Back to our studies – finished up Creation to Abraham, studying Job this week, then on to the Patriarchs, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.
  • Broken arm – son #2, basketball mishap. Even though league was ending that day, he’s bummed. Travel team is just starting.
  • Lights down, Nativities packed away.
  • New hard drive and upgraded RAM installed – lightning fat Mac now.

Well, that’s about all the events for the last couple of weeks. Time to hit the hay, that food truck will be here early tomorrow morning.

I’ll try to do better at updating, but probably not with many articles before the Good for You-Naturally!™ for Life Course & Community is over.

For Me & My House,

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