This is a week of many milestones for Me & My House. If we lived in days of old, we would no doubt set up pillars of remembrance. I guess we have digital cameras instead.

Saturday we celebrated the 13th birthday of ds#2. He chose to celebrate with an afternoon at the river with family (including extended) and a friend, and wanted as a gift a BMX trick bike. Yes, it’s that son.

Yesterday marked my half-century birthday. I had a great day, beginning with emails and Facebook congratulations, (gotta love FB-more birthday wishes than I’ve ever gotten before) and “gifts” from various e-mailing lists I’m on. Then a trip to DMV for my driver’s license renewal. Not sure how that got postponed until yesterday (in all the crazy busyness of the past few months here.) But it was uneventful and quick – which is not much short of a miracle with our DMV. Got home and received a birthday call from my mom.

The next event of the day was lunch with 3 of our grown dd’s, at Gracie Mae’s. Good lunch, good fellowship. But, the restaurant brought me the wrong sandwich. When they brought the right one, they brought a whole instead of a half. So I had 2 halves left over, which our oldest 2 boys were blessed with when I got home. (Boys love my birthday blessings.)

After doing a bit of cleaning and laundry when I got home again, I realized I best get to the store for more “milestones” supplies, before supper time. Another near miracle to get out of there in just over an hour at rush time, especially when 20 minutes of that was waiting to get checked out.

Dinner out proved a blessing too. Waitress forgot the cherry for my drink, so brought me a small cupful of them. (It’s the little things in life.) 🙂 After dinner, she offered me a free ice cream. Since I was already taking half my dinner home, and going home to dessert, I told her I couldn’t eat anything more there now. She offered any of their desserts to go. Mmm, tiramisu. Then she asked if I wanted a refill of my specialty drink to go. Mmm, tropical sunrise – mango, pineapple, and orange juice with grenadine syrup. (Supper was a great veggie salad and black bean and rice burgers.)

Then home for my party, with 30 of our closest relatives and dd’s young adult friends that are staying with us for the next event. Dd made cherry cheesecakes, my faves, for dessert. And one of her friends made me some caramel roses. 2 of our grown dd’s gave me an awesome meaningful gift of a candle and olive vines in a basket with these Scriptures – Levi 25:10, Prov. 31:28, Ps. 128:3.

Tomorrow will wrap up our week of milestones with dd#5’s graduation party. It’s been a very busy 3 weeks putting that together. Today we will be dipping 250 strawberries and putting together a slideshow. Then I think we’re about ready. She has chosen my dad’s backyard, with his beautiful gardens and landscaping, for her party. That has kept our boys busy for a couple of weeks, helpful papa get planting, and weeding, and mowing and such done. (He, of course, feels bad that everything won’t be in full bloom then. We, of course, are praying for good weather after all that work, so we don’t have to move to our church annex.)

Saturday brings the returning of the friends. Hopefully it won’t be as eventful as the getting of the friends (read previous post.)

Life is good. Life is full. Because God is great. God is good.

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