Internet Safety

Having a family and having internet access requires having an internet filter.

We use and love BSafe.

It is a Christian company and works great. You (/the administrator) can custom change the settings if you need to allow a certain site (- such as ours is set to restrict all free webhosts, but I’ve allowed ) The price is not bad – and it is SO worth it.

You can purchase it through the home site or several different ministries (giving the ministry a bit of a kickback – so choose which one you’d like to support.) Here are a few I know of:

Character Link
Answers in Genesis
American Family Association
Dave Ramsey

Bsafe Online’s filter unequivocally offers the highest level of Internet protection available on the market today. The combination of the human-review process with a white-list and black-list approach, supported by our rapidly expanding database of more than 1 million reviewed sites makes it the strongest, most reliable, and most effective option you can choose.

This is the world’s best Internet filter software for the family PC. Incredibly fast, reliable, and works with any ISP from anywhere in the world. Our family filter is fast, reliable, secure, and packed with customizable features. Best of all, it’s easy to download and install. Our optional tamper-proof history report is included.

If you do not have an internet filter, get one today – for your whole family’s safety.

For Me and My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,
Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
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