I think I just spent more hours on FB than ever. And I don’t play games or other apps. And I haven’t been reading updates.

I’ve been working on new Pages for Me & My House ministries (in general) and Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™. I’ve increased my knowledge of FB Pages exponentially in the last 24 hours – and decreased my sleep proportionately.

If you Facebook, stop by and join our Pages, to keep up to date with Me and My House in a one-stop place that you’re browsing anyhow. (That is become a Fan, or Like us, or whatever FB settles on after this day of going back and forth between the two.)

We offering a FREE GIFT for those that Fan/Like our NEW Me and My House Page in it’s first 48 hours. (That means the gift is going away tomorrow – Wednesday – night.) It is a brand new resource! Tell your friends to join our Page too, so they can get their FREE GIFT. If you (and/or your friends) are home educating, be sure to become a Fan/Like our Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™ Page too. I’ll be getting more content up there, and will give a different FREE GIFT there when we hit our first goal there.

If your already a Fan of our Me and My House Facebook Page, but didn’t change to our NEW Page today, you need to do so. We will be deleting the OLD Me and My House Page soon.

See you on Facebook! And once I get those Pages initially set-up I will be finishing our email newsletter, Me and My House musings. Watch your email box for it soon!

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