Privy Discussions

Believe it or not, we’ve been discussing ways to save money on TP, on an elist I’m on. Some options that have been discussed: using a peri-bottle to “wash” the area, getting a bidet, getting new automatic TP dispensers that only portion out a set allotment.  I’m only able to share my “privy” (excuse the pun) thoughts on the topic.

I only have heard of rich people (and Europeans) having a bidet. Actually, a friend of a friend has one, but I’ve never seen it, let alone used it!! :-0

I’m not too hip on the automatic bathroom things. I know how well the self-flushing toilets work -NOT! and self-turning on sinks – NOT! and self-dispensing paper towels – NOT! and the self- turning-on air dryers – NOT! I don’t think I’d trust self-dispensing toilet paper. Like the paper towels, you probably wouldn’t get what you need when you need it.

Nothing is any more frustrating at such a time as just wanting to get in and out of the restroom, then standing there waving your hands all over trying to get the things to work – or raising or lowering yourself trying to get the toilet to flush.

Or worse yet, a small child using the toilet and it flushes with a large splash while they are going, because it didn’t detect them there! Both of our youngest boys wouldn’t even go to the bathroom at those with automatic flush because it scared them so much.

Another drawback for these is the expense for such “convenience” – both upfront and in maintenance for fixing such “computerized” things. I know what it cost when my car needs a new computer chip. Far more than an old distributor cap. I think it’s not in the category of “frugal”.

Now when Walmart and Menards want to add these new “automated” bathrooms out of their profits (so really I indirectly paid for them) I think about it a bit. When my state adds them to the Interstate rest areas, directly paid for by taxing me more, I just wish I could flush the toilet, turn on the sink and get a paper towel or push a BUTTON to turn on the air dryer.

Now the peri-bottle has promise as a good frugal idea. I know how well it works after having a baby and monthly. It could greatly cut down the amount of TP needed. (Or if you’re really adventurous/frugal/don’t mind being thought just a little odd – you pick which adjective, –  you could go with cloth wipes after the peri-wash.)

Taking another rabbit trail —-
I used to get upset when my little ones would pull out a bunch of toilet paper to “play with”. It was so “wasteful”. Then I figured out what it really cost – less than a quarter per roll, and they rarely used a HALF roll, let a lone a whole. In fact it was probably far less than ONE-FOURTH roll. And it kept them entertained for hours!! Cheap entertainment! 🙂

Thinking about it again, perhaps TP is not an area we have to think of ways to be more frugal in, other than teaching our children to use the proper amount.

Just my thoughts. Not sure they are worth the time it took to type them. 🙂

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Lisa @ Me and My House ~ Discipleship for Life!
1 Thessalonians 5:23
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Why Are They Called Chores?

Activities? Tasks? Duties? How about Responsibilities? That’s the one I went with on our children’s "chore" charts. "Chores" sounds so — negative. No one wants to do "chores".

Actually the first definition doesn’t sound too bad –  "the regular or daily light work of a household or farm," (especially if you emphasize the "light".)

The second definition isn’t bad either, "a routine task or job". Kind of boring, but not necessarily negative.

But that third one gets us down, "a difficult or disagreeable task". No one wants to do something difficult or disagreeable. That’s what we think of when we hear "chores", the "disagreeable" part.

"Responsibilities" sounds a little better. At least it has the connotation of  good character; being responsible means trustworthy.

But whatever we call them we need to remember that God created us to work and to be responsible in and for our work. Perhaps I like "responsibilities" because work is a primary way that our character is shown and developed.

I think, the Puritans had the right idea. In fact it is a Biblical idea, that work is worship. How we work can be, and should be, an expression of our worship to God. Paul put it this way, "Whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as unto the Lord." Col. 3:23

Getting More Done

How do you do it all? That’s the question I get asked most often. Answer is, I don’t. No one can. But as a mom of many I recognize that my primary role is management. I don’t have to “do it all.” God has given me many helpers to accomplish the family goals He has given us. Here are some basic tips for getting household things done.

Utilize your work force! Train the children to do household duties and assign them to them. They should know what needs to be done when and by whom, so mom doesn’t have to be constantly thinking of this. Use Chore Charts, if needed to help them remember. Utilize Routine.

Mom should not be trying to plan, teach, care for little ones, and do all the household cleaning, meal prep and clean up, laundry, etc. by herself. The children can handle many, perhaps all the household cleaning and perhaps even meals and laundry depending on their ages. I find teens love to go shopping, even if it’s just for groceries. 🙂 They can also prepare meal lists.

Older ones can play with little ones and even teach some things to younger ones when mom needs to work one-on-one with another one, or work on a household project.

Each child, by middle elementary age, can do their own laundry (and a younger one’s and the younger ones can help).

Even a younger elementary age can put juice and cereal on the table or make sandwiches for the family. And preschoolers can set and help clear the table.

This is not slave labor. It is everyone working together (including the “man of the house”, he lives there and is a parent, too) for a common goal – and training for adulthood.

Just a few tips – I’ll elaborate and give more another time.


Keeping up at Keeping a Home

The best home organization method I ever used was an adapted version of the original “Sidetracked Home Executives”. I think the popular fly-lady is based off of S.H.E. too. I recently heard they have a website now (doesn’t everyone) and saw that things have changed now. I’m not as impressed with the new stuff.

The biggest problem I had following the orignal S.H.E. was keeping the 3×5 file box organized. My little ones were constantly dumping it and I was spending more time organizing my box than cleaning my house.

For today I’ll just say having a system helps in getting it done. Having a rigid system – one of those written by a Suzy Homemaker by birth – will not. We free spirits that love living life need something a bit different.

I’ll post bits and pieces in this category as time allows.

For Me & My House ~ At Jesus’ feet,


Spring Cleaning

I’m faced with a toughy. Married dd #4 was hired by her grandparents to spring clean their house. She asked if dd#5 (teen at home) could help her and I could watch her son. We would split the money between the three of us.

At the time I said, “Or maybe I’ll let you 2 split the money, and then you could help me and your sister do our spring cleaning. We’ll see.” I wasn’t really wanting “paid” for watching dgs.

But the time of payment came. The job had taken much longer than they had anticipated. They were both tired of cleaning for the moment – and paid more than they expected. And my computer is overloading and no cash in sight for replacing it. I went for the money. My house isn’t very bad. We’ve kept up pretty well but have a few projects that need tackled. I guess if I need her help with the spring cleaning I will have to just pay her back.

Hmmm, which is more important a spiffy, shiny home or an effecient avenue of doing our school work and ministry? I’m not really wanting to get a new computer either, but it appears this one can’t be upgraded – parts are discontinued and “obsolete”. Maybe I’ll forget spring cleaning, spend the time writing more resources that will hopefully sell so I can get the money for the new computer. Hmmm. The decisions of life. To clean or not to clean. 🙂