Tea Time

teatimeYes, it’s not only soup weather. We’ve also hit tea weather. The hot tea started here when a couple dc had scratchy throats and wanted to nip it in the bud before it got worse. Throat Coat did the trick – along with some EOs.


But with the chilly, rainy, dreary weather, the tea spree was on. I decided to pull out my new tea pot with warming base I got from Let’s Do Tea this summer. (Cool, ain’t it?)


Chamomile tea is a favorite around here – Sweet Apple Chamomile, Sleepy Time, and plain ol’ straight Chamomile. Nice that it’s a relaxing herb, but it also relaxes enough to make you sleepy. Not something we needed to drink all day! English Toffee is a new blend I got from Celestial Seasonings. It is an herbal coffee-sub, made with chicory root and such. I also like Teeccino. But our tea is usually just my own herbal combinations or Celestial.


Never “real” tea. Many reasons I’ll get into on another day. But good enough reasons you should consider. For today, just go have a cup – or pot – of herb tea instead of one of the caffeine containing alternatives. It will be helpful instead of harmful to your health – and will taste GREAT! See my pregnancy herb blends here. Watch for more herb tea recipes for the whole family in Good for You-Naturally!™~ Simply Beverages.

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