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Putting the 'E' in Home E-ducation

Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide to Using Ebooks

An L.E.D. Exclusive from Me and My House

Freedom & Simplicity™ of Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™

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Freedom & Simplicity Guide to Using Ebooks

Putting the 'E' in Home E-dcuation

Putting the 'E' in Home E-dcuation ~ Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide to Using Ebooks - eBook

Ebooks are the new kid on the block, and they come in about as many varieties as printed books. What you may be most familiar with are home education supplements, activities such as lapbooks, copywork, notebooking or journal pages, and worksheets that are offered as pdf downloads to your computer, that open and are viewed with Adobe Reader or Preview. At the other end of the spectrum are the latest main stream, pop books--current “best sellers” that are available for e-reading devices, such as Kindle, Reader and NOOK. In between are classic literature, reference works, home keeping, repair, recipes and other how-to books, business advice, home ed helps for mom, full curriculum and text books, and every other type of once-printed information, available now in various e-formats.

So much new technology it may have you confused--or at least leave you with questions. What exactly are ebooks? How are they used? What if I don't have a e-reader device? Are they of any benefit to home education? I love real books, am I a sell out to get an ebook? This Freedom & Simplicity™ Guide to Using Ebooks will answer these questions and help you get started using some great FREE resources that enhance your Lifestyle Education through Discipleship™!

Part of our "Dirt Cheap" line of Freedom & Simplicity™ Guides

- $4.95 Introductory Special $3.00

Read reviews of Putting the 'E' in Home E-dcuation to see why others think this is a great guide.


Putting the 'E' in Home E-dcuation - ebook - $3.00

After your order payment is received you will receive a confirmation email immediately. Another email will follow within 24 hours providing the information you need to download your resources.  

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Our Customers' Comments & Reviews

Whether you are pondering where to get them, how best to read them or how in the world to find them once they have been downloaded into your computer, Lisa @ Me and My House’s Putting the 'E' in Home E-ducation: Freedom & Simplicity Guide to Using Ebooks will answer all of your questions.

This helpful and well-researched little book not only provides links to many free resources for all of the above, it also describes the following: ....

... Lisa, have you looked at my computer?! I have e-books in so many places that I really need that free software you tell us about and I’ll be downloading it just as soon as I finish this review.

Like so many homeschool moms, I love to research and discovered many gems through the years that I planned to incorporate into our homeschooling. I’m still finding them, although our youngest is a rising junior in college. Sigh.

But YOU don’t have to do that. Lisa is offering her e-book for a limited time at a low introductory price. If you would like to do better at managing and organizing e-books more effectively so they can be incorporated into your homeschooling (and as Lisa pointed out, there are so many free classics!), you might just want to take a look. ...

Review by Dana Wilson of
Train up a Child Publishing, LLC
Read the rest of the review here

... What are the advantages of ebooks for home education? Lisa Hodgen, of Me and My House Ministries, says, "Ebooks can save you space and money, two things home educators tend to be short on."

I learned some interesting things from her short ebook, Putting the 'E' in Home Education, and now I can clearly see the pros and cons of e-readers vs reading on computer or tablet.

We haven't used ebooks for reading long chapter books, but Lisa's handbook explains how this can have advantages. How would you like to carry a library of a thousand or so books in your purse? As a book-lover, this sounds great to me. ...

Review by Diane Hurst of
Gentle Shepherd
Read the rest of the review here





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