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Good for You-Naturally!

Sample Optimal Menu

Good for You-Naturally!


"O taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8


Remember, this is only a sample menu - a basic outline of an optimal diet. There is vast variety in these choices. Subscribe to Me and My House musings, our monthly email newsletter and read /subscribe to our 'from me' blog for ideas for variety and recipes, and more on Christian family living.


Sample Optimal Menu
for a Good for You-Naturally!™ Lifestyle of Eating


Upon rising -

  • Glass of distilled water with fresh lemon juice

Breakfast -

  • Fresh raw fruit juice

1/2 hour later and throughout morning, if and as desired -

  • Raw (or dehydrated with no additives) fruit

Lunch -

  • Fresh veggie salad with sprouts and raw nuts, seeds or avocado
  • - with Lemon juice or flax or olive oil dressing - if desired,
  • - and Steamed veggies, if desired
  • OR continue with raw fruit only

Mid-afternoon -

  • Fresh raw vegetable juice

Supper -

  • Fresh veggie tray or salad
  • Steamed veggies
  • Steamed / cooked whole grain or potato

Are you wondering - Where's the Meat?!


Next: Getting Started! 7-Week Transition (and the 'from me' blog nutrition & recipe posts)
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Good for You - Naturally!


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